Bark Unlimited Organics, a division of Varing Kwekery, was founded in 1984 by the owner, Jan W Lubbinge, and has grown to become one of the most efficient organic suppliers to the horticultural industry.

We take pride in our products that we've developed over the past 32 years. We are so confident that our products are of the highest standards that we use a large proportion of it in our own wholesale production nursery.

Situated outside Pretoria, on a farm, all our products are manufactured under the professional supervision of the owner.  "I believe in organic gardening.  By returning organic matter to the soil, the structure of the soil is improved so that water and nutrients are retained and not just leached out".

Our products are well accepted throughout the horticultural industry, local and abroad. We are proud to keep adding new products to our range on a continious basis. The majority of our mediums are made of pine bark and sawdust which are renewable sources, with only imported canadian peat being a mining product.

Our product range consists of the following products; Acid Mix, African Violet Mix, Bark Chips, Bark Nuggets, Bark Mulch, Canadian Peat, Clivia Mix, Coco Peat, Compost, Cycad Mix, Green Eucalyptus Mulch, Red Eucalyptus Mulch, Germination Mix, Herb Mix, Kraal Manure, Lawn Dressing, Macadamia Nut Shells, Orchid Mix, Peanur Shells, Perlite, Pine Shavings, Indoor Potting Soil, Outdoor Potting Soil, Rose Mix, Seedling Soil, Vermiculite and Wood Fines.